Thursday, November 19, 2009

Richmond, Virginia Wedding Sunset

We had the honor of photographing the wedding of Stacy and Billy this past Saturday. It was the perfect fall day for such a special event. We thank Julia Wingfield and her staff at The Boathouse, Sunday Park for all their help and Mr. Ernest Irby for doing such a great job officiating! As you see from the photos, it was a perfect sunset. We wish this couple many more beautiful sunsets in their lives for the next 50-75 years!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Virginia Photography - Engagement

So many times we fly through the engagement period because we are so busy planning the wedding. Being engaged and taking the time to enjoy this period of a couple's lifetime is so important. It is during this time that the romance and commitment strenghtens and grows. It is the time when a couple decides this is "the one," I want to spend the rest of my life with. It should be the time of your life that you only have to worry about getting to know each other more and enjoying being with each other.

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Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photography

After shooting over 600 weddings, it still amazes us how each wedding is uniquely different from any of the others we have photographed. We have learned, too, that a wedding photographer has to be highly flexible and go with the "flow." Wedding photography isn't just about shooting photos, it is, also, about working with a wide-range of personalities. Many times the photographer is called upon to "calm the waters" during stressful situations and give some direction when questions arise. After all, for a lot of us, this will be our first and only march down the aisle. When searching for a photographer, it is not only important to look for quality in the photography, but to look for experience.