Thursday, November 19, 2009

Richmond, Virginia Wedding Sunset

We had the honor of photographing the wedding of Stacy and Billy this past Saturday. It was the perfect fall day for such a special event. We thank Julia Wingfield and her staff at The Boathouse, Sunday Park for all their help and Mr. Ernest Irby for doing such a great job officiating! As you see from the photos, it was a perfect sunset. We wish this couple many more beautiful sunsets in their lives for the next 50-75 years!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Virginia Photography - Engagement

So many times we fly through the engagement period because we are so busy planning the wedding. Being engaged and taking the time to enjoy this period of a couple's lifetime is so important. It is during this time that the romance and commitment strenghtens and grows. It is the time when a couple decides this is "the one," I want to spend the rest of my life with. It should be the time of your life that you only have to worry about getting to know each other more and enjoying being with each other.

To see more of our engagement and wedding photos, go to

Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photography

After shooting over 600 weddings, it still amazes us how each wedding is uniquely different from any of the others we have photographed. We have learned, too, that a wedding photographer has to be highly flexible and go with the "flow." Wedding photography isn't just about shooting photos, it is, also, about working with a wide-range of personalities. Many times the photographer is called upon to "calm the waters" during stressful situations and give some direction when questions arise. After all, for a lot of us, this will be our first and only march down the aisle. When searching for a photographer, it is not only important to look for quality in the photography, but to look for experience.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Walking the Wedding Aisle

When we photograph weddings, one of the things that I always wonder is what is going through the bride's mind as she and her dad (or special person) walk the wedding aisle. I don't remember too much of my wedding at that point, but I do remember my dad squeezing my arm and saying, "Okay, let's get this show on the road!"

Do you remember what you were thinking as you walked the aisle?

Friday, October 16, 2009

What Are You Looking for in Your Wedding Photography

After meeting with over a thousand wedding couples, we are always interested in hearing what they are looking for in their wedding day photography coverage. If you are a wedding couple, getting married in the next couple of years, what are you looking for in your wedding photography as to style, albums, and photographer's experience? Thanks for taking the time to tell us!

Family Portraits Make Great Gifts

With the fall colors right around the corner, now is the time to think about having family portraits done. Not only do they capture the memories of family members for framing, but they make wonderful cards and gifts for the upcoming Christmas season.

Our appointment times for these portraits are filling up, especially if you want outdoor ones. Call us today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being on Top of the World

As a high school senior it seems like you are on top of the world. Freshman, sophmores, and juniors look up to you. Independence knocks on your door, as well as major decisions that could impact the rest of your life. It is one of the best times in your life, as well as, one of the scariest. The unknown awaits you after you leave the doors of high school.

We at Miller Photography Inc ( wish all 2010 seniors the best for a year full of happiness, grasping your dreams, and beginning a secure and fruitful future!

The above is one of our latest senior portrait sessions where this senior appears to be on top of the world!

Being Part of the Family

Over the last 15 years we have had the honor of photographing over 600 weddings throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina. It is always special to be a part of recording the memories of families that can be cherished for decades to come.

It is especially wonderful for us when we get to photograph in the same family multiple weddings, babies, and families as they grow. On August 1 of this year we had such an honor. We got to photograph a second sister's wedding at the University of Richmond and Bull and Bear Club in Richmond, VA. It was like a homecoming for us catching up on all the family and capturing the joy and happiness once again for this great family.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Richmond, VA Area Senior Portraits

We have thoroughly enjoyed already photographing and getting to know many seniors from Atlee, Lee-Davis, Hermitage, King William, Caroline, and Hanover high schools. Our August portrait dates for high school seniors are filling up quickly. Since most schools have an early yearbook deadline date, please consider booking your senior portrait before school starts.

Bring a senior friend and share the sitting fee. It is always fun having your portrait taken with a friend!

Richmond Wedding or Bridal Show

Thank you to all who came by our booth to talk to us about their wedding photography. We met many couples from all over Virginia, such as, Lynchburg, Charottesville, Norfolk, Farmville, Providence Forge, Colonial Heights, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and, of course, Richmond. We, also, met couples from outside of Virginia. They lived in Maryland and North Carolina.

For any of you still searching for your wedding photographer, we would love to talk to you more about your plans and see how our options can work into your budgets.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Richmond Bridal Show

Don't forget to visit us at the Richmond Wedding Expo on this Sunday at The Downtown Richmond Marriott, 1 p.m - 5 p.m.. Pre-register at for quicker entry into show. Be sure to let us know if you found out about this show through our blog!

See there.

Engagement Portrait at Radford Unversity

We met Julia and Scott at their alma mater, Radford University, yesterday for their engagement portrait session. We will be doing their wedding photography in the Spring of 2010 in Richmond, VA. We really enjoyed our time with this couple. It was exciting to capture their love for each other

New Ceremony Venue

We had the privilege of photographing at Gardens by Pat in Goochland County. The owners are halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville. If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor ceremony location for a small (about 50 or less guests), intimate location for your wedding ceremony, then contact Pat or Richmond Carrier through their website at

Pat is a Master Gardner. She and her husband, Richard, created, by hand, themed gardens on their many acre homesite. The gardens are bordered by a beautiful lake. It is the perfect place to say, "I do."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why is There Such a Difference in Wedding Photography Pricing

It is bewildering and wearisome choosing the right photographer. While all professional wedding photographers take pictures, that's about all they have in common. Asking a wedding photographer on the telephone how much their packages are is like calling a car dealership and asking how much their cars are. In the end, if you select a car based on its pricing, and you don't like it (or even see it), or it falls to pieces when you drive it out of the lot, you are stuck with a useless piece of metal that you might have to pay on for years to come! You don't want to continue to pay emotionally for selecting the wrong photographer for your wedding coverage.

Pricing structure for wedding packages, a-la-carte options, and quality are so different among wedding photographers that it is impossible to directly compare them. You may find some sell "fast food value meals at a drive-up window" and some sell from a full menu where you can sit down, enjoy the atmosphere, communicate and get to know the staff, and have an option of eating filet mignon.

Since planning a wedding is a one-time event in a couple's life, knowing how to choose a quality photographer can be overwhelming. Here is some information to help couples select the right photographer for them.

1. Do not shop for price over the telephone or through email. Asking for price before viewing the work fails to recognize the professional's time, skill, education, experience, and personality. Decide if you like the qualifications and style of the photographer first and then discuss price and options. Most photographers will strive to work with you if you have a particular budget in mind. Here's something to think about: If you are applying for a job--will your salary be based on your experience and education?

2. Since most photographers do want to try to work with you and your budget, it is unfair to base your decision on your photographer if he/she has a price list on their website. Most experienced, high-quality professional photographers do not list pricing on their website, because they want the flexibilty of working with you and your budget. Since most people in general will assume the pricing listed on a website is set in concrete, they will not call to ask if there is some flexiblity in the packages listed.

3. A photographer's preparation time before your wedding is important to you. The more high quality or technologically advanced his/her equipment is, the more time it takes to plan, test, and prepare. All professional wedding photographers should spend careful time testing, cleaning, and recharging their equipment before your wedding. Is this important to you? Do you want your photographer to find out an equipment problem while he/she is photographing your wedding?

4. Do you want a photographer to have an assistant or an additional shooter? It's difficult for one photographer to be everywhere at once. If an assistant or an additional shooter is included in the wedding package, this means there are two salaries involved and double the time spent on your wedding day coverage and post-wedding day work.

5. Some wedding photographers spend hours with pre-ceremony preparation and consultation; post-editing; uploading images to a professional lab; assembling proof albums; uploading images to an on-line website where family and friends can view your photos; post-consultation with the couple; designing, ordering, and assembling formal and family albums. Others just show up at your wedding, shoot, and hand you a CD of unedited images or a handful of photos on low-quality photo paper.

6. The owners of most photography studios spend time with you personally, and others pass you off to a freelance photographer, who is learning the job or has no commitment to the studio other than a paycheck. How does this make you feel?

7. A highly qualified wedding photographer will be a member of a professional organization with other experienced or equally qualified members, or be in association with other wedding photographers with equal experience in case something happens to your wedding photographer on your wedding day. Some of the professional organizations give the wedding photographer the benefit of purchasing insurance to protect you on your wedding day in case of equipment failure. Both the memberships and insurance do not come without a price tag for the professional wedding photographer, but both protect you and give you more of an assurance of your images being recorded and perserved.

8. All of the items listed above require countless hours and extra effort by a high-quality wedding photographer. To work on a total wedding properly--pre-wedding, day-of, and post-wedding--requires an average of 40 hours or more devoted to each wedding couple, families, and friends. This is an average work week for most people. This is not just the six or so hours you and your guests see the photographer at your wedding.

9. All the above information gives you some idea as to the differences in amateur and professional wedding photographers, but what about talent, education, skill, and the experience level of the wedding photographer? The time and labor of an expert professional wedding photographer is more important to you on a per-hour basis than a beginner who picked up a digital camera, saw the image on the back, and said, "I can shoot a wedding!" These beginners are looking to build a portfolio and will even offer to do your wedding for free or at an extremely low price. This is a definite sign of an inexperienced photographer and one that is not have confidence in his or her skills. They may be weekend hobbyists who have no previous experience in photography. The weekend hobbyist, who works a full-time job elsewhere, does not, in most cases, have the time to devote to a couple that a full-time professional wedding photographer has. He or she may run the risk of having to work on your wedding day at his or her full-time job because of a special requests of the boss, too.

10. Another aspect to consider is the equipment used at your wedding. Simple techniques used on your wedding day require inexpensive equipment. More elaborate techniques and sharper photos require highly advanced and costly equipment. A photographer who uses a camera body that costs $3,000-$10,000 and lenses that average $1000 or more each will likely charge more than a photographer who uses a $300 camera body and the lenses that came in the kit. It is nothing for one highly qualified professional wedding photographer to carry equipment on him or her that averages $10,000. But, do you want two photographers at your wedding? Do you want your wedding photographer to have backup equipment for all the equipment he/she is using on your wedding day?

11. Is it important to you to have a wedding photographer who has a background and/or education in photography, such as a corporate, magazine, or newspaper photographer? Or are you satisfied with a photographer who says, "I've always loved taking snapshots of family and friends since I was a little boy or girl," or "I took a class in photography in high school or college?"

12. Lastly, how much will your photos mean to you in the future? Does it matter to you that the memories of family and friends be recorded in such a way that you can relive them even after these family and friends pass away? Do you want them to show your children and grandchildren? It is sad to say, but some couples consider the alcohol costs at the wedding more important than the photography that will be with them for a lifetime.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Richmond Bridal Show

Join us on July 19, 2009, at the Downtown Richmond Marriott for the Richmond Wedding Expo, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. We are one of the participating Richmond Wedding Photographers at this show. Register on-line at to save yourself some time at the registration desk the day of the show.

We have been participating in this bridal show for nearly 10 years. It is one place that an engaged couple can go to and find all their wedding vendors under one roof. It gives you the opportunity to talk one-on-one with wedding experts.

We have met so many wonderful couples, their parents, their families, and their friends during this show. These couples have given us the honor of photographing their special memories over the last 15 years. This year we reached our 600th wedding.

Be sure to come by our booth and say, "Hi." Also, let us know that you saw this blog!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Engagement Portraits

It was a beautiful day yesterday
at Maymont to do an engage-
ment portrait. We went from
the Italian Gardens down to the
Japanese Gardens. John and
Janet will be saying their "I do's"
on August 2, 2009, at Maymont

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We are now on Facebook

If you enjoy, you can now communicate with us by searching for Miller Photography Inc. and becoming a fan. You can, also, become our friend by going to

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have on wedding photography, high school senior portraits, family or children portraits, or any other photography requirements you might have. We are booking into 2010 for weddings and filling up August for high school senior portraits.

Have a safe and happy July 4!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Wedding Photos

We have had the honor of photographing many couples' wedding days lately. Lewis Ginter Botannical Gardens, The Colony Club, and Sheraton Park South made beautiful backdrops for these special days.

Check out our weddings at Go to:

Peverall-Koger - username, 8720 password
Stone-Oboyle - username, 8720 password
Ingram-Gleason username, 8720 password

If you are a engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer, we would love to hear more about your plans and to show you what we have to offer.

High School Senior Portraits

It's hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. We watched our daugther walk the graduation aisle on June 12, 2009. It seems like 13 years flew by! She is off to Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall.

We are, also, booking appointments for 2010 high school seniors in the area, such as the counties of Hanover, Caroline, King William, Henrico, Richmond, King and Queen, and Essex. Check out our website,, for more information on our high school senior portrait programs and packages. Book early, because our August and September dates go quickly.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day! Can you believe that May is nearly over?

We have been extremely busy photographing our special couples saying their "I do's!" Take a peak at a couple of our recent weddings.

Go to At the View an Event, type in:

Bushman-Kern for username and 8720 for the password or

Hicks-Weisleder for the username and 8720 for the password.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a Beautiful Weekend

I think all of us bypassed Spring and went right to Summer Fever this past weekend! What a great time to be outside. It is a shame that the pools don't open for another month! What do you like to do outside?

As you can see from the photos below, we spent a lot of time outside with our cameras.

Our son the pitcher!

At the end of our day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome to our Blog Site!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know us. We would love to hear from you, and to get to know you too!

We are Eric and Debbie Miller, owners of Miller Photography Inc. We will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary on May 16, 2009. Out of the 22 years, we have worked together for 15 years in our business. We have met so many wonderful people during this time. Many of them gave us the honor of photographing their "I do's," and many introduced us to their families and children. Others, like high school seniors, shared with us their hopes, dreams, and goals in life.

Eric, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (GO Tarheels!) with a degree in journalism, has photographed professionally and full time for over two decades. As a professional photojournalist, his newspaper and magazine jobs took him to Congress and the Virginia General Assembly. He photographed representatives, senators, and governors. Also, he photographed music and film celebrities, as well as sporting events and Special Olympics.

Many of his assignments, like photographing down in unpublicized caves, going out at 2 a.m. with an alligator hunter, and gliding through the air in a motorless plane, made me wonder how his life insurance would work. During these years he won many local, regional, and national awards, as well as achieved his Associate Fellow degree with the Virginia Professional Photographers' Association.

I'm a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (watch out NCAA next year!), with a degree in secondary education. When college ended I followed my love of art and magazine design. After working with a couple of Virginia magazines, and being a part of an art circuit that traveled all over Virginia, Eric convinced me to exchange my paint brush for a camera.

When we aren't sharing our passion of capturing people's memories, we enjoy being with our three children, dog, and guinea pig.

Eric at work.

With the forecast of 90 degrees tomorrow, there will be a whole lot more boats on the water than this!