Monday, October 1, 2012

Sand Ceremonies at Weddings, Richmond, VA

A newer tradition at weddings is becoming very popular. The sand ceremony is slowly rivaling the unity candle lighting tradition. The origin of this ceremony is widely disputed, but all origins see it as a way of uniting the couple and their families at a wedding ceremony.

Some say that the tradition started in Hawaii, where couples would get married on the beach. Both the bride and groom would scoop up some sand from the beach and put it in a container. Native Americans also claim their part in this tradition by doing something similiar as those in Hawaii did. Probably the most Americans learned about this tradition from the popular television show, "The Bachorlette," when Trista and Ryan Sutter performed the ceremony live at the conclusion of the television show and at the end of their real wedding.

No matter where the tradition began, more and more couples at taking advantage of this newer tradition where outside weather conditions don't allow for lit candles, inside locations don't want lit candles, and the couple would like a keepsake of their "joining" together. There is a wide variety of colors of sand and containers that can have the couples' names and wedding dates engraved on the outside of the containers.

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James River Winery, Virginia Wedding

We recently had the privilege of photographing a wedding at James River Winery just outside the city limits of Ashland, Virginia. The location was a perfect place for recording the special memories of two people committing their lives together. If you are looking for a intimate location for your special day, consider giving the people at James River Winery a call.

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Virginia Family Portraits

My husband and I recently did a family portrait for a family who we had had the honor of photographing their family many times, as well as, their children's milestones. For some reason this particular session made me think about our family portraits. It hit me like a ton of bricks, because I realized that we had family portraits with our two older children, but our son, who is 14 now, was never part of a family portrait. I don't know if the reason was that we got so busy with life that we never thought about it or not, but these are years that we can never get back or redo. These are portraits that the next generation cannot treasure.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tradition of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Have you ever wondered why bridesmaids and groomsmen dress the same? The tradition began when Roman law required that the couple have 10 witnesses to make the wedding legal. Many of these witnesses dressed up the same to confuse the evil forces that might show up uninvited to the wedding. People during this time were very superstitious. Soon Europeans followed this same tradition. In many cases bridesmaids and groomsmen did have to defend the bride and groom from warriors and real-life criminals.

I think this wedding party looks like it could defend our recent June 11, 2011, wedding couple. We had the honor of capturing the memories of Angela and Skip's wedding day at The Virginia Cliffe Inn in Glen Allen, VA.

Friday, June 24, 2011

2012 Senior Portraits Are in Full Swing! Schedule your Appointment

It's not too late to schedule your 2012 Senior Portrait session. We offer indoor/outdoor options. Don't forget to bring a friend!

NOTE: We have been contacted by many seniors in the Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana area seeking another Miller Photography. We are located in the Richmond, VA area and do not have any association with this photography organization. Please check your local directories or Google keywords that include your locality and state.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Senior Portraits at Maymont, Richmond, VA

We always enjoy our on-location senior portraits. We have traveled to river homes, horse stables, football fields, college campuses, and the list goes on. We always like it when our seniors incorporate a little bit of their past and their dreams for their future in their session.

We got to go recently with a senior from Caroline High School to Maymont. Even though the day was really hot, we were able to capture this senior's beauty in several changes of clothing and at various locations throughout Maymont. Since we have been photographing at Maymont for over 15 years, we have found special spots that most first-time tourist don't notice.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clover Forest Plantation, Goochland, VA Wedding

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!

Even though our May 22, 2010, wedding experienced a lot of rain showers, there was plenty of sunshine in the smiles and laugher of our couple, Kristin and Brandon. Clover Forest staff worked their "magic," kept their cools, and made this couple, their family and friends feel like royalty! I know if you asked Kristin and Brandon what they thought of their wedding day, they would say, "It was perfect!"

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